What is the Freeporndirectory.com?

Thefreeporndirectory.com is orginally a free porn link list that indexes and categorizes the best free porn sites on the internet. But we’re much more then just a link site!

What can you do on Thefreeporndirectory.com?

As stated before. Originally thefreeporndirectory.com is a free porn link list that indexes and categorizes the best free porn sites on the internet. But we’re much more then just a link site that links towards other websites.

Porn Q&A

We have a section on our website called Porn Q&A. Visitors and members alike can ask questions here about anything porn related, it’s similar to the Q&A site Quora. To ask questions you don’t have to be logged in, asking questions is open for everyone, anonymous visitors and members. If you want to participate in the community by answering questions and show off that you’re a true expert in Porn, you have to be registered and logged in to the website. Users can give each other points if they deem the question or answer satisfying.

User Submitted Content

Members of thefreeporndirectory.com can upload erotic or pornographic images to our website, under the section UPLOAD, you have to be registered and logged in to use this feature. Once you’ve uploaded your erotic or pornographic media, an admin will review the post and then approve it. Once it’s approved it will become visible in the section USC (short for user submitted content). Only images and text can be submitted here. Videos and other media are rejected and will result in an error while attempting to upload such.

Bookmaring and site submission

Members of the freeporndirectory.com are able to bookmark websites in their personal account. Once registered an option will appear on the main page, that allowes you to bookmark websites. Members are also allowed to submit websites for approval. So for example, if there is a website you like a lot and use a lot, you can submit it under Webmaster login. What makes bookmarking on our website special and the ability to submit links is, you only have to visit our website to directly visit your favourite porn site, so you don’t have to cross bookmark anymore over different devices and or browsers. Bookmarks are always shown first on mobile devices. Note that if you do submit a link, all links are manually checked to ensure our visitors get the best quality content. This means that a link submission is not a guarantee that the website will get accepted for inclusion. When we evaluate a website we look at content, the way of advertising and user safety.

Porn Wiki

Thefreeporndirectory.com also has a Porn Wiki. We’re continuesly gathering information and working on articles for our Wiki. Our goal is to be as informative as possible about pornographic categories, subjects, the background of websites and its content. If there is any information you’d like to share about a website or your favorite porn star? Please send us a message here: Contact.

Adult Affiliate Scripts

Thefreeporndirectory is also working on adult affiliate scripts for (aspiring) adult webmasters. The first script we released is called TinyCB. TinyCB is a small Chaturbate affiliate script that fetches models from Chaturbate’s API feed and gives you the possibility you create your own Chaturbate clone. TinyCB is released under the MIT liscense, meaning you can if you have any programming expertise, completely modify it to your own needs. If you don’t have any programming expertise? Don’t worry! The script itself is easy to setup and comes with a basic template. If you want to know more about TinyCB, please visit the official page on our website here: TinyCB – Chaturbate Affiliate Script.



Our main goal is to make the adult side of the web a safer place. Searching for pornography isn’t hard. There are literally millions of website out there that offer adult content! The problem with most of these websites is, and this problem sometimes also still occurs with the bigger websites, that a lot of these websites are created by owners that only see dollar signs. The result of this is, too much advertising and frustrating popups everytime you click somewhere on the website. They usually aren’t picky about their advertisers too, so they don’t really check what is being advertised on their website, this results into malvertising (advertisements that can infect your computer with malware).

Additionally these websites don’t have a path set our for their users, which also results in a poor user experience such as low quality content (can be a lot can be little to non existant), poorly constructed websites with a poor user interface, biased reviews just to make you click on something they want you to click on etc. All websites available on our website are all manually checked by us, we review websites by their content, way of advertising and user safety so you can enjoy high quality adult content on your mobile device and or desktop.

If there is a website you like a lot but aren’t sure about the website and want us to review it for you, please feel free to submit the website to us. If it’s safe and the website is of high quality it will be included in our list and potentially wiki. If the website is of low quality and not safe we will send you a message.


Our secondary goal is to become a reliable source of unbiased information. We’ve constructed a porn wiki for which we continuesly seek out and gather information. Subjects range from most well known categories in porn, porn stars, porn websites and more in the future. In here we cover the history of said subjects, the current situation of said subjects and sometimes the definition of said subjects. We want to be different than other websites that are similar to us, a lot of websites similar to us usually (not all of them) create biased reviews that are written in sometimes spammy way with search engines in mind and not its audience. This is a popular practice with a lot of adult webmasters, as they only care for quantity and not quality. In the future we might consider developing a news section for our website. If there is any information you’d like to share with us for our wiki such as information about a pornographic website, porn star or other adult entertainment site, please send us a message here: Contact.


Our tertiary goal is to create awesome adult affiliate scripts for adult webmasters. The internet gives aspiring entrepreneurs a lot of opportunity for business whether it’s something unique and original or just being an affiliate. A lot of adult affiliate scripts you find online are either overpriced or not functioning properly. Scripts we release are always being released under the MIT license so you can either develop it further, but you can also just take the script for granted as is. All scripts come with a default template and for people that don’t have any experience with programming, there’s only one file that needs to be edited to get the script running. We will never ask for money for any of our scripts.

Have a happy fappy day!