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Are you ready to discover the world’s best free pornographic websites on the internet? Then you’ve come to the right place! The free porn directory is an interactive ad free adult link directory with a listing of only the best free porn sites known to the adult entertainment industry. The method we use to evaluate websites goes as follows, we look at content, the way of advertising, user safety, user friendly and the website has to offer free content. If a website that we review fails either one of five criteria it will not be included in our list. Our main goal is to serve you as a consumer websites by quality, and not quantity.

There are plenty of free pornographic websites out there that serve free adult content, searching for porn online really isn’t hard. However, finding quality websites that don’t over advertise, serve quality content and value their consumers all at the same time can be pretty difficult to find.

Different and unique

What makes the free porn directory unique over any other adult link directory is user interaction. We’re more then just a link site! Users can register, log in and start bookmarking websites, users and webmasters alike can submit websites, users can participate in our PORN Q&A section which is similar to quora, and users can submit adult content under the upload section of our website. All uploaded content gets reviewed after submission, once your upload is approved it will appear under the user submitted content section of our website.

Porn meta search engine

To make our website more like a porn portal, we’ve recently implemented a self hosted porn meta search engine based on Apache Lucene. Our meta search engine is similar to Google, it indexes websites and it returns the most relevant websites based on your search words. So for example if you’re looking for “anal fucking videos” the search engine returns websites and pages where you can find this content.

Porn wiki

The free porn directory also wants to be a source of information. Usually websites simlar to us write reviews about websites, we want to do things differently. We want to provide you with detailed information about the websites we list. To do so, we’ve created a wiki page with comprehensive information about the porn sites we’re listing. When information is available, a clickable info icon will appear next to the website’s listing. Clicking on this icon will open a window that provides a summary with a link attached to the actual wiki page.

Adult blog

Next to our wiki page we’re also writing adult blog posts about all sorts of topics. Topics can range from sex games, technology, pornography and politics, the history of porn or just funny facts about the adult industry. When logged in, users can also submit blog articles under the section “upload” in their account. Guest blog posts get manually approved, if your article is compelling enough and is approved, the blog post will appear under the blog section and you get all the credit.

Want to read a more comprehensive article about the free porn directory? Please visit our ABOUT US page!

Alright pornthousiasts! Thank you for reading and have a happy fappy day!